I’m happy to say that my release of Inferno, the sequel to Tempest, has done better than I expected.  Since its release a couple of weeks ago, it has sold a total of 82 copies at the time I’m writing this.  At this point, I had expected to sell maybe ten altogether.  I’d love to thank everyone who picked up a copy, and who have picked up Tempest as well, which has currently sold around 6600 copies in various eBook formats.   I know not everyone liked it, but that’s okay.  Not everyone will like every book.

That doesn’t mean I’m not still busy, of course.  I’m currently working on two more projects, getting some summer plans together, getting some ideas together for the third book in the Destroyers series, and preparing for my first-ever book signing in September.   I’ve been told that results vary with those, so I’ll be going in not sure what to expect. 

I’ll have more entries coming soon as everything progresses!