Since releasing Inferno, which has now passed its 100th copy sold, I’m already thinking up some ideas for the third Destroyers book, as well as co-authoring Thin Hope with my sister, which is progressing nicely.   I’ve decided to post some early info on how it’s shaping up in my head so far, without giving too much away, of course.

I’ve decided on which natural disaster to focus on next, and it wasn’t a difficult decision, given how Inferno resolved and what must happen to keep the series going at the start of the next installment.   However, I won’t be revealing it until I unveil my cover art and title, which will effectively give it away!  Destroyers Book 3 will probably be taking a darker tone than its predecessors, adding a lot of new complications to the plot of the series and of course, bringing the familiar cast of characters back.  There will be a new character, of course.  And Leslie, Janelle’s talkative best friend?  I have plans on what to do with her.

I haven’t started writing it yet, but for now, I hope to have a release date set for Spring of next year.  But for now, I’ll continue Thin Hope and After These Messages, two projects in which I’m pursuing something completely new for me.