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And to celebrate, let’s do a fun post today: the absurdity of TV commercials!

I know that doesn’t sound like it belongs on an author blog, but it is related to one of my current projects, a young adult comedy novella titled After These Messages.  Basically, what happens is that the world turns into a giant commercial break, and everyone except the two main characters fall under the TV spell and start acting as if they’re in commercials.  I started working on this novella (at least, I think it’s going to be a novella.  There’s a small chance it could turn into a novel) because whenever I do happen to be watching television, I can’t help but notice how dumb some of these commercials are.

I mean, come on.  Who mops their kitchen floor with a huge smile on their face? 

Or parades through a store with their credit cards, singing like they’ve lost their minds? 

Or worst of all, wakes up to find a certain fast food mascot with a big plastic head and a creepy, blank smile right on the other side of their window–and then opens said window to accept the greasy breakfast sandwich he’s offering?  In my opinion, any sane person would be dialing 911.

So, what’s your favorite (or least favorite) dumb commercial?  Feel free to comment!