I know I’ve been quiet in the past week or so, but it’s getting to be crunch time for my November release.  Now that it’s getting cooler outside, it should be much easier to get more writing done now, provided my apartment isn’t full of people the entire weekend, an asteroid doesn’t fall on my head, or my cat doesn’t walk across my keyboard too much.

Yes, I have two cats, and they often like to help me type.  At the very least, they jump up onto my desk or onto my lap when I’m in the middle of something.  I’m surprised that one of them isn’t sitting on my chest right now, leaving only one hand free to type this blog post.  Which isn’t easy, believe me.  Demanding attention when I’m busy is one of their pastimes, along with waking me up at 6:30 in the morning wanting to be fed.  Right now, they’re playing in the blinds and making a ton of noise.

(scratch that–my black cat just jumped up and is standing in front of the computer screen.)

(now I’m holding him and sitting in a very awkward position.)

We’re on the last 20 days of our giveaway, and are currently up to 13 entries, which will hopefully grow this weekend, which is when my blog gets the most views.  Thanks to those of you who have entered so far and clicked the FOLLOW button!  Feel free to share your pet stories below in the comment box!