This is the last weekend to enter the giveaway for all of my current and upcoming titles!  I will be drawing the winner on Tuesday, November 1st, and announcing the winner.  Fortunately, I do have Tuesday off from work this week, so the winner announcement won’t be too awfully late in the day. 

I am planning on having more giveaways in the future.  Perhaps, next month I will be giving away paper copies of my books!  Thin Hope is getting very near completion, if my beta readers don’t say it’s terrible this month when I send it out.  (I do have to make sure there aren’t major issues before publication, and writers are terrible at seeing their own mistakes.)  Also, I have three other titles that are already available in paperback and Destroyers 3 in the works. 

Also, while we’re waiting, feel free to drop over to my other blog, Bargain eBooks, where I post an eBook under 5 dollars every 24 hours!  I’m currently up to about 360 posts, so I’ve been running the site for about a year now.  (I just realized that!)  Check it out!