I still have not had a response from the winner of the eBook giveaway, and may be selecting an alternate winner if I do not get a response in the next week.  I have had a few entries for the paperback giveaway, so be sure to fill out the form again on the Giveaways page if you have not done so already!  I will only be able to count those entries that have been put in again for this giveaway.

Also, I am in the final stages of Thin Hope now, applying some suggestions from beta readers to ensure quality before release.  Here’s the final blurb and cover art:

Princess Kiki Endicott faces two threats from one man. Royal General Patrick Maxwell says he’s only pursuing peace, but his plan depends entirely on making himself the genetically enhanced, superhuman ruler of the known world. He wants Kiki to join him in near-immortality and become his wife–even though he’s her uncle. In his desire for her, Maxwell tries to kill her lover Damon Stanza. Maxwell ends up in prison instead, and Damon takes his place as Royal General.

Now Maxwell has escaped and is marching on Kiki’s city with a horde of genetically altered soldiers and magic users. It’s going to take everything Kiki and Damon have to defeat Maxwell before he takes the kingdom–and Kiki herself.    

Stay tuned for the release!