The original winner of the October eBook giveaway never responded to my emails, so I have selected an alternate winner.  Please check your inboxes, including your spam boxes.

Also, I have only had a few entries for the paperback giveaway.  If you haven’t filled out the November entry form yet, be sure to do that.  Just click the “giveaways” picture on my home page.

The biggest thing I would like the announce this morning is the full release of Thin Hope, co-authored by my sister and myself, as I have received a positive response from my beta readers.  Though some sales channels are not up yet, it is available on for 99 cents and will be on Barnes and Noble very soon.  I am currently moving this book from the “Upcoming” section to the “Books” section.  Be sure to check it out HERE!

Or, for those of you in the UK, HERE.

I would like to note that Thin Hope is not a childrens’ book and does contain moderate language, a bit of sexual content, and intense violence at times.  I would recommend it more for fans of contemporary fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal novels who are older teens or adults.