As some may have noticed, Thin Hope is no longer listed on the Books page.  This is because Naomi and I have realized that the book needs a few overhauls, most of all in the marketing department.  We were both confused as to how to classify this release, and after doing a Librarything giveaway for this title, it seems that, so far, fans of science fiction and thrillers enjoy it more than fans of fantasy.  At the very least, we will need new cover art to reflect that, and will likely be doing a few edits to the novel as well.  When this is completed (and I do not yet know the date), Thin Hope will be re-posted.

Also, I will be posting the rules to another eBook giveaway this weekend, which will end mid-Feburary.  Stay tuned for info!

Lastly, I would like to unveil the latest version of Tempest’s book trailer, complete with the new cover art and pricing.  Check it out here: