I know I haven’t posted in over a week, and apologize for the lack of a giveaway in the middle of the month.  Originally, I was planning on giving away a copy of Thin Hope, but after pulling the title for now, I decided that it wasn’t a good idea.   Most of my readers are fans of young adult titles, and the eBook giveaway by far generated the most interest, so my next giveaway will follow in the footsteps of my first: I will be giving away eBook copies of the Destroyers series once again!  Included in this giveaway will be Tempest, Inferno, and Outbreak when it is released.  On Feb. 1 I will be updating the giveaways page and officially opening the contest.  The reason Rita Morse is not included is that it is already free at all eBook outlets.  Check out the Books page for links.

Also, I have recently passed the 30K mark for Outbreak and have the rest of the plot figured out, and am hoping to finish the first draft next month.  In addition, I have also decided to begin working on the second Rita Morse book, as someone asked me if a sequel was coming out.  Stay tuned for updates.