Afer typing up to 10,000 words per day on the Rita Morse sequel and getting a sore wrist more than once, I am finally done. 

Well, with the main writing part.  I still need to do plenty of editing, as I just converted an old story from third person view to first person view.  I’m sure there’s still plenty of spots I missed that say “she” instead of “I” and “they” instead of “us,” for instance.  And a couple of parts where I feel like there’s too much talking.  Plus, there’s the matter of obtaining the cover art.

I just discovered today that my cover artist for the first book isn’t able to take on any new projects right now, but I’ve just hired a new artist today.  While I can get away with stock art for the Destroyers series as they’re all close face-shots with some kind of disaster in the background, that won’t work for the Rita Morse series, which requires more complex art. 

I am still hoping to release in August, but of course that depends on the cover art and how much editing it turns out I need to do.  In the meantime, I will begin working more on the fourth Destroyers book (hoping to make its progress bar less pathetic within a week or so) and my comedy novella which I’ve been claiming to be getting done for about two years now.