I’m glad to say that I am sticking with my new goal of 1,000 words per day.  Right now, as the fourth Destroyers book is most in demand, I am concentrating about 90% of my effort there at the moment.

I finished about 3,000 words on Saturday alone, about 2,000 on Sunday, and another 2,000 words tonight.  I have most of the plot worked out in my head now, which helps immensely.

However, if I continue to write Destroyers 4 at 1,000 words per day, I should finish with my draft at the end of October, two months earlier than I’d originally planned.  I know how it will end, and I also know that there will be a fifth (and most likely final) Destroyers book.

I’ll admit I’ve slowed down a bit on 2:20, as I am waiting for some research material to come in the mail.  As the book will involve a historical event, some research is always necessary.