If you’ve read Tempest, you can probably guess the reason behind my post title today.  I’ve held off writing it for a few days, but I feel now that I should say something about it.

During the writing of Tempest two years ago, I researched and wrote in a fictional doomsday scenario involving a hurricane.  I just went back and looked at it today, and here it is, unedited, copied and pasted right from the book itself:

…The logo for Future Disasters popped up on the screen and dramatic music played in surround sound. 

Janelle stood behind the couch and sniffed.  She had to get it together.  Crying wouldn’t help her situation.  Leslie was still trapped here somewhere.  If any good was to come out of this, she’d have to get herself back under control.   

Gary appeared next to her.  His hand wrapped around hers and squeezed, sending waves of calm through her body.  It felt warm, safe.  It was the only comfort she’d had all day.

It was short-lived.  The screen filled with the Manhattan skyline and slowly zoomed in.  A man narrated with a voice filled with doom.  “New York City.  Home to eight million people and also the economic center of the country.  And also a place not commonly associated with hurricanes.  And yet,” the man paused as the screen changed to a satellite map of Long Island, “New York City is one of the most susceptible cities to their wrath, with damages potentially in the hundred billion dollar range if one were to strike.  And it is not a matter of if, but when.”

When.  That word again.

The screen changed to a satellite shot of an unknown hurricane in the Atlantic.  Ominous music played.  Gary’s grip on her hand tightened.  Joey flinched.  Bile rose in Janelle’s throat.  No, she didn’t want to see that.  She stared down at the leather couch until it vanished. 

The narrator continued.  “If a Category Three storm or higher arrived at or near New York City during high tide, a storm surge of as high as thirty feet could race up the Hudson River towards Manhattan, flooding the island and the subway systems.”

Water rose in a subway tunnel, then around a group of office buildings. “It would rise around Wall Street, shutting down the stock exchange for weeks.  The windows to all the skyscrapers would blast out, raining glass on anyone standing in the streets.  Millions of people would need to be evacuated in a very short amount of time.”

Now, I don’t feel good about this being mirrored in real life.

Really, I don’t.  I feel pretty awful, in fact.  It’s something I hoped I’d never see take place.  Granted, the nightmare scenario from Tempest isn’t exactly what happened in real life, but it’s pretty close.

This puts me in a bit of a quandary about what to do next.  As Tempest has already had thousands of downloads, changing the scenario it contains will not be a good idea.  I’ll leave Tempest up for free download, but continuing to promote the book might not be a good idea due to issues of sensitivity.

Now, this does not change my plans to finish the five-book Destroyers series.  I am still going to release the fourth book, Frostbite, later this month when edits are complete.  I’m slightly more than halfway through with that now.  I also fully intend to complete the fifth book.

But for the first book, I’m still not sure.