I’m not sure what happened to my writing progress meters on the right side of the page.  For the past week they haven’t been displaying, and the website they link to is supposedly down for maintenance.  (For over a week?)  I’ve been trying to find another writing meter to display, but those I can find either aren’t compatible with WordPress or come as outdated plug-ins that I can’t figure out how to install.  There are a lot of html ones available, but WordPress doesn’t like html.

For now, I may have to do without a writing progress meter.  I apologize for this.

As for progress I’m up to about 10,000 words on 2:20 right now, or about 20% of the way done.  I’m still working out the plot of the fifth Destroyers book in my head.  This might take a while.  I generally know how it’s going to start and how it’s going to end, but getting there is the problem.  I hope to begin the first chapter this week.

It’s possible that 2:20 will be out before the fifth Destroyers book, though I hope to release both of them in the spring of 2013.  I’m also working on the third Rita Morse book when I have spare time.

I do have goals for myself, though.  As of this week, I plan to complete 1,000 words per day, total, on either 2:20 or the fifth Destroyers book.  If I stick to this goal, I’ll have 120,000 words done or both books largely completed by April, which isn’t too far off.  Some days I might write 500 words on each book.  Other days I might write 1,000 on Destroyers 5.  There will be a few days here and there where I won’t be able to write, but mostly these will be the days I go to critique group after work.