The writing progress meters are back up now!

Now I can show everyone that I’m about a third of the way done with 2:20.  I’ve also been working on the fifth Destroyers book, but it’s coming along a little more slowly.  I have a lot of ends to wrap up and five main characters to focus on in the last book of the series.  It’ll be complicated, to say the least.

Mostly I’ve been sticking with my 1,000 word per day quota and it’s been working pretty well.  I do have an occasional day where I’m unable to write much due to not feeling well, but I’m trying to make up for lost work on weekend days or days that I have off from work.  Right now, I’m aiming to have my first drafts of both books done early April and plan to release both of them in late April or early May at the latest.  If the timing is right, I might release both books at the same time.

So what’s coming after I finish the last Destroyers book?  I’ll be working more on the Timeless Trilogy, of course, but I’m also open to writing more books about Tempests, Outreakers, and other walking disasters.  And I do still plan to finish the Rita Morse series.  However, this isn’t my main worry as it’s nowhere near in as much demand as my material for older age groups.