This week, after taking a little bit of time off from intense writing, I’ve started two new books.

The first, Evolve, is the beginning of a new series, and I’ve only started writing the first chapter.  The idea is so new that I’m not even sure where the story is going to go, but I have a very vague idea.  I’ll have more ideas on this book as I progress through it.

As for the second one…

Twisted is based on a strange dream that I had two nights ago.  When I woke from this dream (which was about one of the disasters from the Destroyers Series) I just knew that I had to turn it into a novel.   It’ll be taking place some time after the end of the Destroyers Series, but it will be in the same universe.  The concept will be a bit different, but there will be a reason for this, of course.  I’m already about 3 chapters in after about a day of typing, with the first two chapters being events from my dream.  A break must have done me good, because I am very enthusiastic about this book and ready to go again.  I expect I’ll have it done fairly quickly depending on edits and re-writes.

I have to warn you, though: the dream was pretty weird.

Also expect an omnibus for the Destroyers Series to come out later this year.  As soon as I learn how to put all five books together and make a decent table of contents, I’ll get one out.