At last, I’m getting close to the climax of Twisted.  I should have it completely written and edited by mid-November, although I’m still going to do the official release on December 15.  Why?  I’ll be using the month before release to get some buzz going for the book, including reviews, giveaways, and the cover reveal.

Not only will I be seeking out blogs to post reviews for Twisted on release day.  I’m also going to use a select few websites to give away advance copies of the book in exchange for honest reviews.  I’m likely going to use Story Cartel for this purpose as well as a few other sites like Goodreads.  When I have Twisted posted, I’ll include the links here to anyone who’s interested in reading and reviewing.

Also, I’ve added Twisted to Goodreads so if you want to add it to your To Read lists, you can!  There’s no cover yet, but it will be included soon.  You can find it here: