Twisted SmlI have just finished uploading Twisted to all of the eBook vendors.  Now it’s only a matter of waiting for it to appear in the stores.  When it does, I will post the links here when it goes live.

Twisted will appear on the Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Google Play (a new store!) on Sunday or possibly a bit earlier.  iTunes will take a bit of time due to its shipment process, but I will post this link when it goes live as well.

If you wrote a review of one of my books and filled out the form to let me know, you’ll be getting Twisted for free on Sunday.  I have the list made up right here on my computer with all of you on it.  I haven’t forgotten!  I will likely send you a coupon code and a link so that you can download the book for free in any format you’d like.

If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll also get my newsletter with the purchase links on Sunday.