I’m posting today to let all of you know that I may need a bit more time on Torn than I anticipated.

First, I had to fight a toothache during the past week and just got two of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, so I’m still recovering from that.  The anticipation of the upcoming procedure pretty much distracted me from writing during the last week, but I should be getting back to work.  I’m almost done with my short story, too, and hope to have the whole thing ready for my critique group at the end of this week.  Walls should be ready for my E-Zine subscribers near the end of the month and will also be available for sale for 99 cents to everyone else.

The main issue with the Deathwind Trilogy is that I’ve been forced to conclude that there are a lot of issues with the first book, none of which I was aware of until recently.  I’m definitely not proud of this and I apologize to anyone who felt let down by Twisted.  It’s my goal to make each book I write as good as possible for my readers, and I feel as if I’ve missed the mark.

(I will admit, though, that I end up feeling that way about all of my books after they’re finished.  Maybe it’s just a writer thing.)

I can’t change the first book now since it’s out there, because that wouldn’t be fair to those of you who have read it.  But this is the reason I will need more time on Torn to make sure that my characters are more likeable and more in-depth.  I’ll need to take some time to figure out what I’m doing wrong and how to fix the issues.  Only then will I release Book #2, but I promise it won’t take me too long–probably early summer at the latest.  I won’t be writing as quickly, but I’d rather take some extra time to make sure that Torn is a book worth reading and loving.