Just so all of you know, I am now hosting a new giveaway for a Kindle Fire!

This ties into the Very Scary 10,000 Sales Challenge.  For more details about how to win a Kindle Fire, see the Contest and Information Page and scroll to the bottom.

magictouchbundleI also have an update on the Very Scary Sales Challenge.  I may have mentioned before that Twisted is part of the Magic Touch Paranormal Bundle which is currently doing quite well on Amazon.  However, my novel is in this bundle with 11 others and the cost for all 12 books is 99 cents, so the 12 of us are splitting a 35 cent royalty for each sale amongst ourselves.  This is why that at first, I didn’t want to include sales of the Magic Touch Bundle in my Very Scary 10,000 Sales Challenge total.


I just received my first payment from sales of this bundle–55.91 dollars for its first month.  That’s not bad for earning less than 3 cents per sale!  One normal sale of Twisted will make me 35 cents on Amazon.  I calculated how many normal copies of Twisted I would have needed to sell to make this amount of money.

The answer: 159 copies.

We sold over 1800 copies of the Magic Touch Bundle in its first month alone.  Money wise, that’s the equivalent of 159 copies of Twisted sold.

I see no reason not to add this 159 to our total, bringing total sales of the Deathwind Trilogy up to 295.

This puts me 15% of the way to Goal Number One: letting a tarantula crawl on my face.