Most of you have been awesome.

But lately, some users have been trying to get extra free books by signing up to my newsletter with multiple email addresses.

I’m glad to say that the vast majority of you have been awesome members of my newsletter.  You have been supportive by signing up, reading these newsletters, visiting my website on occasion and even picking up my new books.  Most of you are not the subject of this email.

I don’t like to complain, but there’s an issue that’s been going on during the past couple of months or so that I have to address.

As all of you know, I offer a free ebook to each person who signs up to my newsletter as a free gift.  Most of you have accepted your free gifts without a problem.  I do feel I am being very nice here in providing books that I would normally charge $2.99 for.

I’ve had a couple of incidents in the past couple of months in which a single user used multiple email addresses in order to get more than one free book.  I won’t say how I caught this for security reasons, but I will say that I know for certain this was a single user.  I received three different requests for three different books, two under the same email address.  When I pointed out to this user that each person can only get one free book, this person stated they wanted Book B as their choice.  However, as I am able to check each download for each free book, I realized that this person had already downloaded Book A and was also hoping to get Book B for free.

I have had another incident this week, likely from the same user, but I cannot be sure.  Once again, I got a new email sign-up for Book C.  Okay, great.  But then I got another sign up two days later from another email address, which asked for the next book in the series, Book D.  Some sleuthing revealed that this was, in fact, the same person who had asked for (and downloaded) Book C.  In addition, this person is now sending me innocent-sounding emails asking how to get Book D for free.

I don’t like having to block people in my email, especially those who have read and enjoyed my books.  But it has, sadly, come down to that.

If this continues, I may also have to limit which books I allow new subscribers to choose for free.  In the future, I may have to limit the choices to the second book of each series in order to cut down on this abuse.  I really don’t want to do this, either, because I like giving people a choice.  Granted, most people who sign up for my list download only Books 1 or 2 of each series anyway, but I don’t want one or two users to ruin this for others.

Until I make a decision, I will take these actions if I discover that a user is trying to cheat the system:

–I will block your email address.  And your dummy email address.  And your other dummy email address.
–I will remove you from the newsletter, as much as I hate to see you go.  I cannot keep dummy email addresses on my list.  Mailchimp (the provider I use) does charge once you reach so many subscribers.

–I will not respond to your emails asking for your second (or third) free book.