I have been doing much thinking about how I gift free books to new mailing list subscribers.  In my last post, I mentioned how a few people were using multiple emails to get more than one free book.  It appears some were offended and pointed out I came across in an awful way, and I apologize if that was the case.

As I did not want to punish all new subscribers for the actions of a few, I asked the folks over on Kindle Boards for any possible solutions that would avoid this, and I think I have found one that everyone should like.

For now, I will keep the free book choices the same for new subscribers.  Normally, new subscribers to my newsletter will still get to choose one book, but from now on, I will be willing to give each user more than one free eBook in exchange for reviews.

That’s right.  New users (and even those of you who have already signed up) can choose another free eBook from my list if they have written and linked to a review for another one of my books.  For those who want more than one free eBook, this will eliminate the need to use multiple email addresses in the future.  This will, in turn, help me keep my mailing list from getting bigger and more expensive than it needs to be and will help avoid drama all around.  I will no longer have to block email addresses or go remove extra emails from my list.

I will need a bit of time to change the system around to make this happen, so you will need to be a little patient.  This may be a limited-time thing depending on the results.  When the new system goes live, I will let you know.