At Long Last…

1139Cand211:39, sequel to 2:20, is now out!

It has been three years since I began work on 2:20, the first book of the Timeless Trilogy.  When I began, I did not realize what a challenge writing time travel fiction would be!   2:20 has recently been re-released and now its sequel, 11:39, is at long last seeing the light of day after two years of painstaking work, complete with the cover that you guys voted for!

Seventeen year old Julia was once the prey of the Timeless, a group of immortals charged with keeping the flow of history in order. Now she’s one of them along with her boyfriend, Simon. But her new powers mean nothing without the survival of her family, who she left behind to certain death on the Titanic.

Unfortunately, rescuing them will prove far more difficult than she ever imagined. Time itself stands in her way, and it’s willing to stop at no horror to prevent her from ever seeing her family again. In order to save them, Julia and Simon may have to give everything–perhaps, even, their very existence.