Vote here (Closed)

I am very nearly done with the first draft of 11:39 (#2 Timeless Trilogy) and ready to start on the editing phase.  Before I get too far, of course, I’ll need a cover.  I have two candidates ready below for you guys to vote on!  I’ll of course choose the cover that wins the most votes.

Please note that these covers are not very high quality as they’re just drafts and they both still have watermarks on the art.  This is because I still need to purchase the images from Bigstock but will wait until votes are in to make a decision.  The final cover will look much nicer.

Take a look and leave a comment on which cover you like best, if either.



Cover #1


Cover #2

Cover #2







2 thoughts on “Vote here (Closed)”

  1. Cover 2 is gorgeous, Holly! Love it!

  2. Thanks for your feedback! I am getting a LOT of votes for Cover #2. I do like it myself.

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